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Romania Concern

Channelling grants to various parts of Romania
Supporting longer term reconstruction in churches and communities
Praying and working for reconciliation between communities

Why Romania Concern?

The revolution involved much bloodshed and grief.  The reports that reached our television screens at Christmas 1989 were unforgettable and the subsequent images of the orphanages moved us and touched our hearts. Since then it has become apparent how much the population suffered in the past.  Romania is no longer the newsworthy item that it was, except for refugees and asylum seekers trying to enter Britain. Yet twelve years after the revolution the present predicament continues to be one of great need and deprivation including the dire plight of many children and the elderly. Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. In addition there is widespread tension between different ethnic and religious groups within the population.  There is, therefore, an urgent need to work for justice, peace and reconciliation.

Why is the Community for Reconciliation involved?

- CfR is a registered charity whose aims include relief of poverty

- CfR is an ecumenical Christian Community

- CfR members are committed to praying and working for peace and reconciliation

- a number of CfR members have had links with Romania over the years.

- both  John Johansen-berg, International Director, and Ian Ring, Community  Co-ordinator, are regular visitors to Romania.

Aims of Romania Concern 

John Johansen-Berg, International Director of the Community for Reconciliation, has had links with churches in Romania for twenty years.  During his visits in April 1990 and 1991 he consulted with local church leaders about current priorities and in the light of these discussions we set out our aims below.  From 1992 to 1995 his annual visits and many visits by network members expanded our work. Since then visits have continued, albeit less frequently.

1.  Although in the past we have transported food, medical and other supplies to orphanages, hospitals and churches, today we see our task more in terms of raising money for longer term projects to rebuild self reliance.  This will include church reconstruction and community projects.

2.  A key part of our contribution is work for reconciliation between the various national and religious groups in Romania, especially between Romanians and Hungarians.

3.  We seek to arrange exchanges between theological colleges and community groups and to encourage towns and villages in England to adopt a Romanian town or village.

Romania Concern operates within the charity status of the Community for Reconciliation which has a Council of Management for general oversight. For further information please contact us.


Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed High School.

The Királyhágómellék District (Nagyvárad/Oradea) of the Reformed Church in Romania has launched a programme to renovate the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed High School. The cost is around £417,000 and we have agreed to sponsor a classroom which will cost £2,800. We are delighted to report that, in addition to the £500 sent in March we are now arranging for a further £1000 to be sent towards this project. Ian hopes to visit this project in the Autumn as part of a visit to Romania. It would be excellent if we could make a further donation then.


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