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Personal Retreats at Barnes Close
The Residential & Conference Centre of the Community

Subject to availability of bedrooms we are always willing to welcome guests on personal retreats. When you need some personal space we can accommodate individuals needing time away from their job, family, relationship and trauma. Staying alongside the resident team, with most meals provided, you can unwind, reflect, read and pray in the peaceful atmosphere and thereby feel refreshed and renewed to cope again with life at home or work. If requested counselling or Spiritual Direction can be provided.

For further details please contact Julia

Barnes Close, Chadwich, Malthouse Lane Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 0RA

Office Tel: 01562 710231
Office Fax: 01562 710278
Office hours: 9.30am-5pm (Monday to Friday)
Visitor's Tel: 01562 710682

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