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What Is The Community for Reconciliation

THE COMMUNITY FOR RECONCILIATION is an ecumenical Christian community committed to peace and mission. It was begun as a network community by John and Joan Johansen-Berg during their ministry in West London. In 1986 a small residential community moved to Barnes Close to be a resource group for training and action of the wider Community, which is a network spread through the United Kingdom and overseas. The Community helps with renewal programmes, ecumenical missions and Festivals of Faith. Members also pray and work for peace and justice.

Why Reconciliation

Relationships are broken in many situations - between individuals within family life, in churches and in society at local, national and international levels. Reconciliation is positive and often costly. It involves finding a creative way forward where there are differences; healing where there is hurt; opposing injustice and working for peace. We therefore seek reconciliation within ourselves, between people and between God and us. At the heart of this is the costly sacrifice of Jesus, bringing about our reconciliation to God.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member of the Community for Reconciliation please contact Rev Ian Ring at Barnes Close.

Barnes Close, Chadwich, Malthouse Lane Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 0RA

Office Tel: 01562 710231
Office Fax: 01562 710278
Office hours: 9.30am-5pm (Monday to Friday)
Visitor's Tel: 01562 710682

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