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The team usually consists of a Centre Manager, and an Assistant Manager, supported by volunteers from the United Kingdom and from overseas as well as a housekeeper, two cooks and a gardener/handyman. From time to time vacancies arise in the team.

The current team is:


Ian Ring                
Community Co-ordinator & Centre Manager

Ian is a minister of the United Reformed Church. After spending ten years in the computing departments of local authorities he entered college to train for the ministry. Ordained and inducted to the Sheffield West Group  in June 1987, he moved to The Rock Church Centre Liverpool in April 1992 and to the Community for Reconciliation in July 2001. He also serves as minister of the Beacon Church Centre, Rubery.

Julia Buckingham    
Assistant Manager

Julia graduated from Durham University in 2000. After spending a year working as a House Assistant for L'Arche in Liverpool she moved to the Community for Reconciliation in September 2001. Her background is in the Methodist and Anglican churches.

  Peter Farkas
International Volunteer
Peter comes from Slovakia

further vacancies now

enquiries to Ian Ring

    Enid Boland             Housekeeper

    Alice Stringer         Cook

    Lisa Powell              Cook

    Roy Fletcher           Gardener/Handyman

If you would like to be considered for a volunteer post this year or next please email Ian Ring.

Barnes Close, Chadwich, Malthouse Lane Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 0RA

Office Tel: 01562 710231
Office Fax: 01562 710278
Office hours: 9.30am-5pm (Monday to Friday)

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