Barnes Close
Malthouse Lane
B61 0RA

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A Brief History of Barnes Close
The Residential & Conference Centre of the Community

1903               Edward & George Cadbury brought Chadwich Manor Estate from
                       Christchurch Oxford

1925                Part of Estate given to National Trust

1931                Plans drawn up for building of Barnes Close

1937                Barnes Close first on map

1939                Cadbury family moved back to Selly Oak and Barnes Close let to
                       organisations helping the needy the last being the Salvation Army as a
                       Childrenís Home evacuated from the East End of London

1945                Birmingham Sunday School Union acquire Barnes Close

1964                Extension to Common Room and Games Room

1973                Plans drawn up for 6 extra bedrooms (West Wing)

1986                CfR moved to Barnes Close

1989                Formal transfer of Barnes Close from BSSU to CfR

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Barnes Close, Chadwich, Malthouse Lane Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 0RA

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Office Fax: 01562 710278
Office hours: 9.30am-5pm (Monday to Friday)
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