The Beacon Church Centre,
Whetty Lane Rubery B45 9DL

A Short History of the
Beacon Church Centre

Key Dates

1841   Primitive Methodist Church opened in Rubery
  Congregationalists meet in Rubery as offshoot from Bromsgrove Congregational Church

September 29th

Rubery Congregational Church opened in former Methodist
Church - initially renting the building
Sunday School formed
1857 September 20th Church properly constituted with signing of Declaration of
Congregationalism and a Covenant


Rubery Congregational Church

The Covenant

We whose names are hereunto subscribed assembling for religious worship in Rubery Chapel near Rednall, Worcestershire, hereby agree in obedience to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ, to unite as a church in His Name, in order to promote each otherís spiritual progress by observance of those Ordinances which He has appointed.

We hereby mutually and cordially give ourselves thus publicly to the Lord and to each other to worship God and to walk together in love as a Church of the Lord Jesus, in accordance to the revelation of the Word, as the Holy Spirit shall enable us.

In testimony whereby we have hereunto subscribed our names this twentieth day of September 1857

(Ten names are subscribed)


1867   Restoration of Chapel
1890   Church Enlarged
192?   150th Birmingham Guide Company formed
1928 June 30th New Congregational Chapel and Halls opened on Whetty Lane
Boys Brigade Company closed and
277th Birmingham Scout Troop formed
1933   Hall built for children's work
  Church celebrated 25 years of new building & centenary of
Congregationalism in Rubery
1959 August 25th Church Hall destroyed by fire
1961 May 6th Opening of new halls

October 5th

As a result of the union of the Congregational Church in England and Wales with the Presbyterian Church in England Rubery Congregational Church becomes Rubery United Reformed Church



September 20th



CTB45 created by Covenant signed with Longbridge Methodist Church, Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Catholic Church, St Chad Church of England, St Christopher Church of England and St Stephen the Martyr Church of England.
  Rubery United Reformed Church renamed the Beacon Church


1854-1855 Mr James Wilson
1855-1856        Rev W Harvey
1856-1859 Mr Benjamin Worton
1860 Mr Carter
1861-1864 Mr George Hinds
1864-1868 Rev Thomas Edwards
1868-1874  Rev Tout
1874-1883 Rev Charles Parker
1883-1894 Pastor R J Boardman
1894-1901 Mr Leach
1901-1904  Mr Gilbert Smith
1904-1921 Pastor R J Boardman
1922-1946 Rev William J Roach Hier
1947-1955 Rev Glanmor Jenkins
1955-1965 Rev Bert Jordan
1966-1976 Rev Donald Davies
1979-1986 Rev Leslie Ivory
1987-1989 Rev Stella Jones
1990-1991 Rev Philip Smith
1992-1997 Rev's John & Joan Johansen-Berg
1997-2001 Rev John Johansen-Berg
2001- Rev Ian Ring

Whetty Lane, Rubery, Birmingham


  Date                    Minister                            From                    To
1854-1855    Rev James Wilson                                                Repton & Barrow
1855-1856    Rev William Hervey
1856-1859    Rev Benjamin Worton                                            Oldbury
1859-1860    Rev Carter
1861-1864     Rev George Hinds                                                Swanage
1864-1868    Rev Thomas Edwards                Northleach            Melbourne (Aus)
1868-1874    Rev Tout
1874-1883    Rev Charles Parker
1883-1894    Pastor Robert Boardman
1895-1900    Mr James Leach
1901-1904    Mr Gilbert Smith
1904-1921    Pastor Robert Boardman
1922-1946    Rev William James Roach Hier    Drybrook            Retirement
1947-1955    Rev Glanmor Jenkins                   Ely & Saintwell   Chaplain, Bodmin
1955-1966    Rev Bert Jordan                           Stroud              Castleford
1966-1976    Rev Donald Davis                        Pype Hayes        Lichfield
1979-1986    Rev Leslie Ivory                          Hartest            retirement
1987-1989    Rev Stella Jones                        Cheshunt            retirement
1990-1991    Rev Philip Smith                         Northern College   out of pastoral charge
1992-1997    Rev Joan Johansen-Berg*    Community for Recon    Community for Recon
1992-2001    Rev John Johansen-Berg*    Community for Recon    Retirement
2001-            Rev Ian Ring*                        The Rock, Liverpool

*also at The Community For Reconciliation, Barnes Close

Beacon Church Centre
Whetty Lane
B45 9DL

Minister Tel: 01562 710213
Minister Fax: 01562 710278
Email: beacon

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