The Beacon Church Centre,
Whetty Lane Rubery B45 9DL

Beacon Church Centre - Building Project

The Project

The project is designed to achieve four main aims:

Meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act in regards to people with   mobility and hearing difficulties

Link the two buildings

Bring the buildings up to standards fit for the 21st Century.

Make the buildings more suitable for use by church and community

The major part of the project is to demolish the current office, toilets, kitchen and small sanctuary. A new building will then be erected linking the halls and classrooms with the church. This building will incorporate a new entrance to the buildings with ramped external access, a new kitchen, toilets, disabled toilet and office. Additional works will bring improvements to the rest of the buildings.

Project Timescale

March        Appointed Architect for new Build

June          Turfed rear of halls
                   Apply for Planning Permission for new build
                   Launched Plans for new build at Anniversary

August       New windows for classrooms and rear of church fitted

September  New PA system for church installed

October      New Scout Hut erected

April            Building Regulations Approval Granted 

June            PA System installed in hall

July            Go Out to Tender for new build

December Appoint Contractors for new build

January    Last Services before building work

June       Open new buildings



Project Costs:

New Windows at rear                                                 10.4k
                        New Scout Hut                                                             5.6k
                        Paving & Turfing at rear                                              3.5k
                        New PA and loop system for Church and Halls          4.8k                                                                                                                                                  24.3k

            New Build:
Concourse                                                                  235k
                        VAT (75%)                                                                   31k*
                        Alterations to Porch                                                   11k
                        Kitchen Fittings                                                             5k

Paid                                                                               32k
                        To be paid                                                                    11k

Other Works:
Re-pointing of church                                                   5k
                        Flat roof over classrooms                                          10k
                        Miscellaneous works                                                     5k

Total Project Cost        380.3k

Spent So Far               56.3k

Needed For Completion   324


Monies Available          

            Synod Held Funds                                                                 194k
            Interest to Mar 05 (estimate)                                                3k
            Bequest                                                                                    10.5k
            Church Trust Fund                                                                    8k
            Building Fund                                                                           15.5k
            Monies due to Mar 2005 (estimate)                                       1k
            Interest 2004 (estimate)                                                        1k

                                                                        Total available      233k


                           Still to be raised new build       61k*
                                               - other work    20k
                                                 TOTAL        81k


The Church Treasurer is always willing to receive donations towards the work. Collecting boxes for use at home are available from Jim Richardson. Both Jim & Phil can be contacted by writing to them at the church or by clicking on the email link below.

Whetty Lane, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9DL

Email: building project


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